Volunteer at MERU


The MERU Volunteer programme is an opportunity for meditators, Sidhas, and TM Teachers to enjoy an extended stay at MERU by contributing to activities on our Vlodrop campus.

Whether you’ve recently learned Transcendental Meditation, or you’ve been practising for many years, this is the chance to be part of a different kind of community – one that’s focused on spiritual development, knowledge, and living life to the fullest.


What is MERU?

MERU is located in a beautiful forest campus near Vlodrop in the south of the Netherlands, near Germany. ‘MERU’ stands for Maharishi European Research University, and it is here where Maharishi lived for the last 18 years of his life.

Today, MERU is the international headquarters of the Transcendental Meditation organisations. It is a centre for Maharishi’s knowledge, and an ideal place to grow and enjoy deeper experiences of consciousness.

Taking part in the volunteer programme, MERU volunteers will be able to enjoy the atmosphere on campus – even enjoying meditations in Maharishi’s Peace Palace.

Read more about MERU here.


Benefits of the volunteer programme

  • The chance to enjoy extended time on MERU’s Vlodrop campus, where Maharishi lived for 18 years
  • A relaxed routine, usually volunteering no more than 25 hours each week
  • Room and board is provided; with a small stipend or opportunity for advanced knowledge programmes
  • The chance to take part in year-round Vedic recitations and Celebrations like Winter Assembly, Guru  Purnima, Deepavali, and more
  • The opportunity to take Advanced Techniques, the TM-Sidhi Programme, and other knowledge courses as available. (Special staff rate applies to those who commit to three months or more.)
  • The opportunity to participate in knowledge meetings
  • The chance to enjoy Maharishi Vedic technologies like Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems treatments, Maharishi Aromatherapy consultations, Vaidya consultations, and more



Requirements and how to apply

Please note the minimum time to join as a MERU volunteer is one month. Also, if you commit for three months or more, you will be eligible for a special staff rate for the Advanced Techniques, TM-Sidhi Programme, courses, and more after one month of participation.

In terms of your specific duties as a volunteer, our biggest needs are in gardening, food preparation, housekeeping, and marketing services. However, we are interested in speaking to you even if you have an interest or talents in other areas.

To apply, and to discuss more specifics of the volunteer programme, please write to staff@meru.international

We’d love to have you join our community at MERU!