Volunteer at MERU

MERU is in search of new volunteers to join our team.

‘MERU’ stands for Maharishi European Research University, and it is here where Maharishi lived for the last 18 years of his life. It is located in the heart of De Meinweg National Park surrounded by beautiful nature, near Vlodrop in the south of the Netherlands, on the border with Germany.

Today, MERU is the international headquarters of the Transcendental Meditation organisation, and an ideal place to grow and enjoy deeper experiences of consciousness.

Our Community welcomes practitioners of Transcendental Meditation who would like to volunteer and enjoy this holistic place’s benefits.

Dive deep into the knowledge

We organise various programmes for volunteers to deepen their knowledge and integrate the experiences from meditation into their daily life. 

Knowledge Meetings are held every week with Maharishi tapes. Every so often, we invite VIP guests who used to be close to Maharishi and can enliven his memory to the new generation of Meditators.

We have group meditation at least once a week and offer communal usage of flying halls, as well as space where you can practise Maharishi Yoga Asanas.

Fortunately, even during the pandemic, MERU still offers Advance Techniques courses every 2-3 months for residents, and there are checkings available for TM, the Advanced Techniques, and the TM-Sidhi programme.

As a volunteer, you can join our celebrations in the Maharishi Peace Palace, and get discounts on online courses offered by MERU.

It is a fantastic and unique place where you can spend your time diving inwards and discovering more about yourself, or just relaxing and enjoying our peaceful and loving environment with beautiful people. 

What we offer: 

Besides all the benefits mentioned above, MERU also takes care of your comfort:

We offer accommodation that includes your own room in a shared house, freshly prepared vegetarian organic meals, and access to a variety of food. Depending on how long you stay there are many other benefits.

You can apply for the essential departments, consisting of working in dining services; such as veggie cutting, dishwashing, and dining halls. However, at a certain time of the year, there is also a need for help in gardening and hospitality. MERU has recently opened cleaning positions for volunteers. We welcome flexibility and allow volunteers to try different areas, and find which is the best fit. 

Volunteers at MERU work 6 days a week for 4-6 hours per day, with a 1-hour lunch break.

 If you feel that you are interested in joining us and happy to contribute to our community, please contact us at staff@meru.international.