Maharishi’s Total Knowledge and Higher States of Consciousness, Part 4

17 February – 28 March 2022

Un cours en ligne interactif et en direct avec le Dr Peter Warburton

Special opportunity to catch up on Parts 1, 2, and 3

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Mondays and Thursdays 19:30-20:45 CET

Part 4 course fee: 129€ (incl. VAT)

On-demand recordings for Parts 1, 2, and 3 + Part 4 live: 258€

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Disponible en anglais, russe, arabe et allemand.

Other languages are available if there is sufficient demand

Mondays and Thursdays 19:30-20:45 CET

Prix du cours : 129€.
Prix réduit pour les pays à faible revenu -veuillez consulter le formulaire de demande.

Available in English, Russian, Arabic and German


Sessions interactives en direct

Sessions par semaine, pendant 6 semaines

Open to everyone who practises Transcendental Meditation with an interest in Maharishi Vedic Science

Sessions interactives en direct

Sessions par semaine, pendant 6 semaines

Open to everyone who practises Transcendental Meditation and taken the preceding parts

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Une introduction en direct et un aperçu du cours et Q&R, avec le Dr Warburton

17 February 2022, 19:30 CET








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À propos de ce cours sur la connaissance totale

In his final four years, Maharishi completed his comprehensive exposition of Total Knowledge, and the curriculum to unfold it in the awareness of every student. In Part Four, Dr Warburton shows how all the different elements of Maharishi’s Total Knowledge – understood through Parts One, Two, and Three of this course – fit together in one unified wholeness.

This four-part series on Maharishi’s Total Knowledge provides the fundamental building blocks on the basis of which the course participant naturally grows in the ability to know and experience the whole of life in the context of Total Knowledge. As inner experience grows, this knowledge reveals itself in ever-expanding waves.

In Part Four, Dr Warburton presents Maharishi’s analysis of the fixed and flowing values of Total Knowledge, in terms of number and language, and relates these to the development of higher states of consciousness. Finally, Maharishi reveals the ultimate reality of “Administration in Silence” – life in Unity Consciousness, Brahmi Chetana, where all the Devata support every action.

Once again led for us by Dr Warburton in his inimitable style, the course includes beautiful tapes of Maharishi, charts developed with Maharishi, exercises and time for discussion, as well as fascinating stories of a lifetime of experience with Maharishi.

Attending this course is the natural next step for those who have taken Parts 1, 2, and 3, but it is also open to all TM Meditators, Sidhas, and Teachers who are familiar with Maharishi’s Vedic Science (see prerequisites below). 

La Connaissance Totale Maharishi's
La Connaissance Totale Maharishi's

What course participants say about the course

‘I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of Maharishi’s knowledge. Raja Peter was outstanding as the course leader. His depth of understanding of Maharishi’s knowledge is thorough and he communicates that knowledge very clearly. He is very smooth, friendly, and pleasant to listen to. He welcomes questions and is very accommodating to the students.’ – KR

‘‘I loved all four parts of this course, each class building on the previous. It’s different from anything I’ve ever studied—abstract concepts that seem impossible, but at the same time make sense. The real beauty of these classes is that the concepts become integrated into your meditations and into everyday life. The feeling of being a part of something so big and so beautiful is extremely joyful and satisfying. Highly recommended!’ – Cary Cox

Cette connaissance est très vivifiante pour la conscience. On commence à penser à la vie d'une manière complètement différente. C'est le troisième cours que je suis. Cette connaissance a complètement transformé mon expérience intérieure. - BG

‘This is the top best thing that I did this year.’ – Linda Spitzfaden

‘This course is an in-depth discovery of the knowledge that the source of all creation and knowledge comes from within oneself.’ – Jennifer Lin

‘This course has changed my life. Or, rather, these courses are changing my life… and the experience is quite beautiful. The course is quite wonderful.’  – Gilda Marie Anroman

‘This is a wonderful course. I have gained so much from this course, both intellectually and experientially. It has really impacted my day-to-day life at a very deep level. The course is filled with exciting knowledge, discussions, Dr Warburton’s fabulous stories of his time with Maharishi, tapes of Maharishi’s last lectures, and stimulating Q&As.’ – CL

‘‘Very expansive and evolutionary. I had very good experiences taking these courses and would recommend them to everyone. The knowledge is priceless and it instigates experiences of higher states of consciousness.’ – SP

‘ ‘Really great course in which you get to listen to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi describe the existence of ten Brahms and their connections with total knowledge. Be sure to take the first three Total Knowledge courses as a foundation for this one.’ – Mary Araas-Wright

La Connaissance Totale Maharishi's
Le Dr Peter Warburton (à l'extrême gauche) travaillant sur une première version de la Connaissance totale avec Maharishi sur un bateau au lac de Lucerne, en Suisse, en 1977.

À propos du Dr Warburton

La Connaissance Totale Maharishi's

Dr Peter Warburton is Chief Executive of Maharishi Foundation in the UK as well as the leader of numerous sister organisations in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Dr Warburton worked closely with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation programme, for 36 years. From 2004-2008, Maharishi personally trained Dr Warburton to offer courses on Total Knowledge.

Le Dr Warburton a également été le principal organisateur de l'International Young Meditators' Course (IYMC) au cours des dix dernières années et a joué un rôle actif dans le partage des connaissances profondes de Maharishi avec les jeunes générations. Le Dr Warburton est heureux d'inviter tous ceux qui ont participé à l'IYMC au cours des dix dernières années et pense que les participants apprécieront grandement cette célébration de la connaissance.

Dr Warburton says: ‘This unique Total Knowledge course, designed by Maharishi, is actually a systematic and enjoyable curriculum to unfold in the participants’ awareness of the profound knowledge that is being presented.’

Conditions préalables pour suivre le cours

Attending this course is the natural next step for those who have taken Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the Total Knowledge course. In case you have missed any of these earlier courses, they are also available online (see link below). 

It will be ideal to have taken parts 1, 2, and 3, but in case you are already familiar with the basic concepts of Maharishi’s Vedic Science, the only requirement for taking the course is to practise Transcendental Meditation.

Frais de cours

 The standard course fee is 129€. Reduced prices are available for lower-income countries – please see the application form.This includes twelve live lessons led by Dr Peter Warburton conducted through Zoom, and access to the recordings for three months after the course ends.

Programme des cours

The course consists of two lessons per week over six weeks from 17 February to 28 March, on Mondays and Thursdays 19:30-20:45 MERU/Netherlands time 

Session 1 – Thursday, 17 February, 19:30-20:45 CEST – Free first session
Session 2 – Monday, 21 February, 19:30-20:45 CET
Session 3 – Thursday, 24 February, 19:30-20:45 CET
Session 4 – Monday, 28 February, 19:30-20:45 CET
Session 5 – Thursday, 3 March, 19:30-20:45 CET
Session 6 – Monday, 7 March, 19:30-20:45 CET
Session 7 – Thursday, 10 March, 19:30-20:45 CET
Session 8 –  Monday, 14 March, 19:30-20:45 CET
Session 9 – Thursday, 17 March, 19:30-20:45 CET
Session 10 – Monday, 21 March , 19:30-20:45 CET
Session 11 – Thursday, 24 March, 19:30-20:45 CET
Session 12 – Monday, 28 March, 19:30-20:45 CEST

If you miss any sessions, replays will be available on MERU’s online platform for three months after the course ends.


S'inscrire au cours

Pour participer, vous devez disposer d'un ordinateur de bureau, d'un ordinateur portable ou d'un appareil mobile pouvant accéder à l'internet. Le cours sera dispensé par le logiciel de vidéoconférence Zoom. Les instructions d'utilisation de Zoom et les détails de connexion pour rejoindre le cours seront fournis avant le cours.

Vous pouvez assister au cours en direct ou regarder les enregistrements, qui seront disponibles avant le début de la prochaine session en direct. Les enregistrements seront disponibles sur la plate-forme de cours pendant trois mois après la fin du cours.

Translation for this course will be provided in Russian, German, and Arabic.

Other languages available if there is sufficient demand.

La Connaissance Totale Maharishi's
La Connaissance Totale Maharishi's